When Jeremy Corbyn said US Corporations were coming for our NHS his argument was dismissed as a conspiracy theory yet that is exactly what is happening as a Giant US Corporation called Centene is buying into our health service.

Not heard of Centene? Don't worry, barely anyone has but they have been coming into our Health Service and have been in the process of taking over GP surgeries with campaigners worried this is just the start as they eye large chunks of the NHS to grow their Multi-Billion Dollar Corporation.

We have all heard of the US Corporation called Pepsi but Centene is less well known despite its revenue being larger, taking in bigger profits & on the Stock Exchange being listed as higher than Pepsi.

According to Centene's Wikipedia page, their revenue was over $111bn in 2020. That's a lot of money!

The Guardian reported earlier this year that one of the UK’s biggest GP practice operators that covers over 500,000 people passed into the hands of Centene.

This was met with instant opposition by health activists and doctors and as a result the acquisition has not been smooth.

Allyson Pollock, author of NHS PLC who is regarded by many as the UK's top expert on the NHS said the takeover is dangerous due to a fear that - in order to increase profits - fewer GPs will be employed and replaced with under qualified (but cheaper) staff.

The US-model of healthcare is rife with scandals whereby health corporations cut corners and cause great harm to patients as of course their primary goal is not to provide care - but to increase their profits.

Dr Bob Gill who is a GP and a documentary film-maker says when Big Corporations get involved in health services, patients get worse care. In particular he says that health insurance companies like to "deny care" to patients when they are in need.

The term "deny care" may seem technical but its consequences are horrendous as is means people (who've paid health insurance) don't get their care provided for them when need it.

This either means they need to spend fortunes to pay for the care or go without care.

Centene taking over GP surgeries may not mean we will overnight have a US-style system but the takeover of the GP surgeries is another step closer towards that Private system.

The fact few have heard of Centene is in itself a story and inline with how NHS privatisation is taking place.

Jeremy Corbyn at the LiveDebate in dramatic fashion brought out documents warning that the Tory Government intend to move Britain towards a US-stlye system. He was met with denial by Boris Johnson and called a Conspiracy Theorist on Social Media but the evidence shows it was not a Conspiracy Theory and is taking place.

In general due to the popularity of the NHS, the process of NHS privatisation is not being done by the Government loudly telling everyone it'll be a big success - rather it is taking place by the Government playing it down, pretending it is not really happening and the media taking little interest to report on it.