Labour's lack of opposition to NHS Privatisation allows Tories to do as they please

Privatisation is having a devastating effect on the health service as huge amounts of money that could and should be going to nurses, doctors, hospital beds instead is going to private companies.

Yet the Labour Party seem totally absent on this issue with little interest to take on the Tory Govt which moves to sell-off more and more of the NHS.

Real opposition to what the Government does is now needed more than ever yet Keir Starmer and so many in the Shadow Cabinet seem to have little interest to stand up for the NHS despite the job of the opposition being to oppose what the Government is doing. It is a myth that it is impossible to defeat a Government in power. Marcus Rashford's free school meals campaign shows that where he managed to mobilize (mostly via social media) a great number of people to demand free school meals are provided.

If you remember that one week in autumn last year where the campaign really got going, social media was flooded with talk about free school meals with a huge public outcry at the plans to take food away from children. This ended with a victory for the campaign as the Government had to u-turn.

The Labour Party could do the same with the NHS and mobilize its members to oppose the Tories' sell-off of NHS services yet this is not happening. Here and there Starmer does tweet about the NHS and some of what Jonathan Ashworth speaks out about (the Shadow Health Minister) is quite good but it is a fraction of what is needed. Many health service activists and campaign groups often say that the biggest problem they face is a lack of awareness from the public as to what the Government is doing and that if the public were aware of how private companies operate when running NHS services, there'd be enough of a public outcry that the Government would not be able to sell off more services. Unlike when cleaning is run by the local NHS, when its run by Private cleaning companies, those companies love to cut corners to increase their profits.

There have been reports that some even hire fewer cleaners in hospitals than required resulting in hospitals being not sufficiently clean - and certain diseases spreading as a result. If the public were made aware of this scandal it's fair to assume there would be demands to reverse the policy of Private Companies running the cleaning of hospitals, and this could be possible if Labour Party MPs used their platform and influence and fought this issue. The Labour Party employs people in its office to run its social media accounts and they could be producing videos and posting memes about the devastating effects of NHS privatisation but frankly for now all they do is produce content that is out of touch with what is happening is today's politics.

The privatisation of the NHS is a slow process happening step by step with the eventual Tory goal to convert the NHS into a US-style insurance-based system that of course only benefits rich people. Labour's own voters would greatly suffer if the Tories get their way and are suffering now due to the partial privatisation of the service and Labour at the very least owe it to those voters to speak out - but for now, Labour doesn't seem interested to do that.