What is motivating the Tory Govt to turn the NHS into a US-style Private System?

If you know anything about the US healthcare system, you'll know it's one of the worst in the world that leaves millions of poorer & working-class families without health insurance and bankrupts large numbers of Middle-Class families for the crime of getting sick.

So then why is the Tory Government moving us towards such a system? Well because while most people do lose out in that system, there are winners - namely Big Capital & the Private Healthcare Companies - and isn't that who the Tories really serve?

The Neo-Liberal line has been that privatisating health services would not only benefit the companies who'd own those services but would benefit all of us as users of those services as they'd run more efficiently.

However if we look at the evidence we see that health services run quite a lot less efficiently when run For-Profit by Private Companies than when run Not-For-Profit.

Healthcare expert and author of NHS PLC Allyson Pollock said that prior to the implementation of privatisation into the NHS only around 6% was spent on administration compared with 40% spent on admin in the American health system.

The annual NHS budget is well over £100bn so this extra money wasted would add up to £Billions that could be going to fund the wages of nurses, doctors, paramedics and pay for more hospital beds.

Why is money wasted when health services are run For-Proft?

It's important to understand that privately-run services have a whole series of extra costs that are not required when services are run publicly.

Firstly is the need for profit as each company has to take their cut. Secondly private companies have departments (such as marketing, sales & lobbying) in their business that publicly run services don't have. Thirdly is the corporate culture where private companies like to have their managers and executives on high salaries with heavy bonuses.

The average American spends more than double what the average British person spends on healthcare yet the overall quality of healthcare for Americans (who are not wealthy) is a lot worse than it is for British people using the NHS.

This comes down to how Private Companies like to cut corners in order to increase their profits.

Michael Moore's film Sicko gives good examples of this such as how patients who have already paid for health insurance are denied healthcare. So many Americans spend large amounts of money on paying for insurance but when they need the care they get denied it.

In the UK one of the first services to be privatised was cleaning services in hospitals. In order to increase their profits, the privately-run companies would hire less cleaners than needed or reduce the hours of the current cleaners resulting in the hospitals and clinics not being sufficiently clean.

Hospitals run privately or nursing recruitment run privately or any NHS-related service run privately suffers the same problem which is a worsened service due to the companies cutting corners into order to increase profits.

So why would the Tory Government continue to implement NHS privatisation knowing it does such harm?

Well Noam Chomsky gives us a clue in his research whereby he states that the primary loyalty of political parties such as the Tory Party is not to their voters but to Big Business.

And as NHS privatisation is beneficial for the businesses profiting from it, isn't it fair to assume that this is the motivation behind the Tory Government's policies to privatise the NHS?

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