Whistleblower warns NHS being exhausted is part of the Tory plan.

The NHS meant Britain avoided being a place with a "Two-Tier" health system where the Upper-Classes get Diamond-quality healthcare while the Lower-Classes get healthcare that can only be described as inadequate.

Yet a lot of evidence shows the Tories are moving us towards such a system and this is confirmed by whistleblower Shahmir Sanni who worked closely with Tory lobby groups but now exposes what the Tories say behind closed doors.

In India, your class heavily determines the quality of your healthcare. So for example if you get cancer - and are rich - you receive the care you require. However if you are poor your experience will be very different and won't get sufficient care. With a disease like cancer, it's clear what that means.

Of course America too has a Two-Tier system. The high costs of healthcare in the USA also creates the dynamic where middle-class homeowners often go bankrupt, losing their homes to pay for gigantic health bills.

Thanks to the NHS the UK has avoided this Two-Tier system however reforms being made by the Tory Government are moving us towards this system.

Shahmir Sanni says the Tories are simply ideologically opposed to an NHS that provides everyone with healthcare - and the current crisis is not simply an accident but the NHS is being exhausted as a tactic to help move the country towards a Two-tier private system.

The strategy is roughly to undermine the NHS so that (1) more people will take out private insurance and (2) the population will think publicly-run healthcare is not efficient.

This mirrors Rail privatisation where the Tory Government exhausted British Rail during the 80s/90s and then sold privatisation as a solution - even though privatisation has been a fiasco.

In 2018, Sanni was heavily involved in the VoteLeave campaign and blew the whistle on the overspending during the EU referendum. The Guardian published a lot of his leaks regarding Brexit however Sanni also talks about other issues such as the NHS.

His political activity at the time allowed him to get to know a great deal about the Tory Party especially as he got to hear a lot of what Tory members would say to each other but not say on the TV.

The long-term plan is to move Britain towards a US-style private system however such a system already partially exists due to the Tory Government's 'reforms' as well as 'reforms' done by the New Labour Government.

The best example is with hip surgery where you can purchase (the cost can be over £12,000) for the surgery but if you cannot afford the fee, then you have to wait many months and months.

A fully funded NHS would of course would be able to provide everyone with hip surgery instantly however that is not the case as underfunding has led to huge shortages of staff such as nurses, a massive lack of hospital beds and more.

The GP and NHS expert, Dr Bob Gill says the number of beds is significantly lower than it used to be despite us having a growing population and a larger economy. In other words under the Tory Government the NHS is in worse shape than it was before.

The only question is why is this taking place? Is it incompetence or it is intentional?

Judging intentions is always a tricky business and one can be accused of being a conspiracy theorist if the evidence is not public however what Sanni says is in line with what Noam Chomsky explains as being the standard technique of privatization - which is to intentionally run down a service in order to make privatization more acceptable to the population.